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Strongly Recommended by Colleagues & Clients Start Your Defense
    “His great reputation is very well deserved.”
    Rob was incredibly helpful with my case needs, and provided the exact outcome I was hoping for. He was professional and attentive throughout the entire process. Rob was very quick and timely with all of the efforts and actions. He kept me informed and updated about every aspect of the proceedings. I highly recommend Rob for his fantastic work. Besides his professional work, he was patient, understanding, and sensitive to my situation. His great reputation is very well deserved.
    - A M.
    “Mr. Roberto Ambrosino is an amazing lawyer!!!”
    Mr. Roberto Ambrosino is an amazing lawyer!!! I can not speak highly enough he is quick, efficient, and professional! I did everything online, through mail, and the phone. He kept in touch about every aspect of my case. After I sent documents and made a payment he approached the judge soon after and my case was closed. I am extremely pleased with his services. I highly recommend him. Now a few years later I reached out to him again regarding obtaining documents and again he is very communicative and on top of everything. I am a very satisfied customer.
    - Kasia S.
    “I would highly recommend him if ever you need an attorney.”
    I contacted Mr. Ambrosino about an issue we were having about two months ago. He was very responsive and always easy to communicate with. If ever I had a question during the process, he was quick to respond with an answer. He was kind enough to even email me while on vacation with his own family which showed he truly cares about his clients. Mr. Ambrosino took the time to educate me on the current laws and the court process. He sent me all the court filings and paperwork for my own files and always kept me up to date. In the end we received the outcome we were hoping for and I attribute that to Mr. Ambrosino’s hard work and knowledge. I would highly recommend him if ever you need an attorney. Thank you for your help Mr. Ambrosino.
    - C. S.
    “Amazing lawyer, my first experience having a lawyer and he made it worth it”
    Wouldn't have had anyone else by my side. Amazing lawyer, my first experience having a lawyer and he made it worth it. Doesn't charge a lot and his work is accurate and promising! Thanks again.
    - Cass T.
    “If anything should arise in the future I will definitely be back to see him!!”
    Mr. Ambrosino is Amazing he answered calls at any time I had a question! Very informative with me about my case, even though I was very doubtful he continued to brighten my spirits and with all his hard work and continued push threw he got my case dismissed. If anything should arise in the future I will definitely be back to see him!!
    - Amanda S.
    “Mr. Ambrosino is a true professional. He truly delivers on his word.”
    Mr. Ambrosino is a true professional. He truly delivers on his word. When the prosecutor pushed back to prevent my acceptance into the PreTrial Diversions Program, Mr. Ambrosino fought back and earned my acceptance into PTD. Once I am done with PTD, he will be expunging my charge so that my record is clean for graduate school. Thank you Mr. Ambrosino.
    - Jesse B.
    “Great attorney if you find yourself needing one.”
    Great experience. Very professional, fast with getting back to you with your questions. Great attorney if you find yourself needing one.
    - Alfonso C.
    “He was able to get my case dismissed when all other lawyers told me that it would be impossible.”
    Mr. Ambrosino is an amazing lawyer. He is very matter of fact and to the point. He was able to get my case dismissed when all other lawyers told me that it would be impossible. I never felt like he gave me the run around with my case. He was always available to answer any questions I had. I would definitely hire him again.
    - Lucy V.
    “Under promised and over delivered! Very efficient and professional.”
    Under promised and over delivered! Very efficient and professional. I did everything online or through email. He called me right away after leaving a message. After I sent documents and made a payment he approached the judge the very next day and the judge granted exactly what I was asking for. Extremely pleased with his services. Highly recommended.
    - Sarah R.
    “Rob is a genuinely good guy who wants the very best outcomes for his clients.”
    We were very lucky to have found Rob Ambrosino for our legal counsel. Rob is a genuinely good guy who wants the very best outcomes for his clients. He is non-judgmental and understanding of how easy it is for people to find themselves in complicated situations. Rob walked us through every step of the process and was always available via text for questions. I would highly recommend Rob for any criminal law advice you may need.
    - Jenni D.
    “Never back down!”
    Mr. Ambrosino help me finish out my probation and not get a jail sentence for having a motion to revoke on an assault case. He denied what they were trying to give me and proposed that I just be let off since I only had one more day on probation and fines and classes were all completed. I was so happy that this was granted to us due to the knowledge that Mr. Ambrosino had brought up while in front of the judge! I also had picked up a resisting-arrest case while on probation and we fought that one as well. He was so knowledgeable and thoroughly went through the evidence and police repot that they had on me. He brought it to the attention of the prosecutors that I was not the one being specified in the report so he thought there was not enough evidence to convict me of this crime. Thankfully with his knowledge and confidence we got that case dismissed and thrown out due to lack of evidence just as he had known from being on the case. I am now free from everything Thanks to Mr. Roberto Ambrosino Jr. I truly appreciate everything you did to help me with these cases that could have really hurt my whole life and being able to take care of my daughter as well as I have wanted to. Thank you again He is defiantly a very knowledgeable and confident lawyer that I would defiantly hire again if I ever come into contact with the police and am being faced with any type of criminal charge.
    - Lori
    “Top Notch Legal Representation”
    I hired Mr. Ambrosino to assist my brother with a motion to revoke probation. In less than forty eight hours the case was resolved and the warrant was pulled. If you or a loved one are in trouble, call Rob.
    - Criminal Defense client
    “Excellent Lawyer”
    He is an excellent lawyer, He knew exactly what he was doing and knew about the law, He got my case dismissed BEFORE it went to trial! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
    - David
    “Highly recommended”
    In the last year I have used Mr. Ambrosino in a couple of different instances. Both times things went my way. I find Mr. Ambrosino to be very Knowledgeable in what he does and very easy to work with. I highly recommend this individual to have if you need someone in your corner that cares and is willing to go that extra mile to get things done. Thanks for helping me Rob !
    - Erich
    “Excellent service.”
    Mr. Ambrosino was contacted regarding a code compliance issue. Initiating contact with him was simple. He has a page which leads to his website where you can send him email or find his phone number. In my experience he responds rapidly to all communications. However, as I was located in another state the technology friendly service was appreciated. We conducted our business almost entirely by email, by my choice. The matter was resolved quickly and professionally with positive results. Mr. Ambrosino has offered follow on services and I have every intention of using his services again. My only critic is that he does not accept credit card payment. That would have made payment for services slightly easier because I am not located in the same city as Mr. Ambrosino, and I could have collected reward points but save that one point he was exemplary.
    - a State & Local Law client
    “Smoothest Process I've Ever Had!”
    I had a misdemeanor drug possession charge and he helped me wipe my record clean. Any questions I had I just emailed him and got a response w/in the hour. I even showed up a little late for court but he was already there and he handled everything. Great attorney.
    “Victim of theft”
    Never in my life had I ever been in trouble! NEVER! I found myself in a predicament where my future was jeopardized forever! I called many attorney's who quoted me a fee that was outrageous. I came across Mr. Ambrosino's website and he quoted me with a fee that was half of everyone else's which made me skeptical. Nonetheless I followed my gut and I'm glad I did. After our initial meeting I knew I had made the right choice. Within months he had the class B reduced to a class C and dismissed with an agreement to complete the pre trial diversion program in order to get my case expunged within months. Which was my goal from the beginning. I'm glad to say that my case has been expunged! It was an easy process because I had the right person on my side. He believed in me and never backed down! You don't need to look else where, he's the real deal! Call him today!
    - Mother of 3
    “Rob is a lawyer with initiative, intelligence, and integrity”
    When Rob moved to San Antonio after law school, his office was directly across the hallway from me. I found Rob to have initiative, intelligence, and integrity and trial moxie. His number one goal was always his client, and he worked vigorously to achieve that goal. In court, his 6'5" presence and calm but firm voice takes command control of jurors. As I reach my retirement in the practice of law, I know that our legal profession will be in good hands with an attorney of Rob's caliber.
    - John Economidy
    “Felony Dismissed”
    I was being charged with a felony and three other misdemeanor charges that were out of state. He got the felony and failure to appear dismissed and I was left with two other misdemeanor charges that were resolved quickly. Mr. Ambrosino does a great job and I would highly recommend him for anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer.
    - Justin
    “Don't leave your loved one's fate in the parole board's hand's”
    Mr. Ambrosino called me back right away after I left a request for a case evaluation online. My son was in jail for a parole violation charged with accusations. Mr. Ambrosino answered all my questions and set up a fair payment plan. The charges ended up being dismissed and my son's fate didn't end up in the parole board's hands. Mr. Ambrosino is very professional, honest and fair. Money well spent! He needs to order more business cards.though.
    - Danielle Trudeau
    “Assault Charge”
    Roberto Ambrosino was professional, helpful, and kind. He was able to get my case dismissed in a matter of months, and it did not cost as much as the other lawyers quoted me. The only thing I would like to have seen differently is a courtesy call every now and then, or maybe the day before court. Mainly because this was my first charge and I was nervous come court day.
    “Exemplary Attorney”
    We live out of State and needed help in San Antonio for our son who is in the military. We did our homework, due diligence on Mr. Ambrosino. He was definitely the right choice. He took the time to explain the legal process and timeline for our case. It was obvious that he is well networked into the local judicial system. His fee was reasonable and our case was dismissed as we had hoped, thanks to the great work and efforts of Mr. Ambrosino.
    - Dr. Steve
    “very professional”
    Mr. Ambrosino was able to get my case dismissed very quickly and efficiently. He came very highly recommended and didn't disappoint.
    - Danny
    “Passionate, Confident, Attentive, and Humble.”
    Assault, family violence. DISMISSED! Attorney Roberto Ambrosino examined police report showing that V1 was upset about past incident with AP1 and a female friend, V1 admit to being intoxicated, and to scare AP1 by calling cops. Rob pointed out some ambiguities in police report, where in fact police verbalized to AP1 and V1 that arrest needed to be made, due to not wanting to anticipate a repeat call to residence due to "past personal experience." I was willing to lose everything to prove my innocence against the odds, and Rob had the same desire. Rob, thanks for never backing down when my back was against the wall.