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Criminal Investigations
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While investigating an alleged crime, the police will often contact a potential suspect to discuss the case. The police often give the reason for contact of “wanting to get your side of the story,” but this isn’t usually the reason at all. Remember, the U.S. Supreme Court said in Frazier v. Cupp, 394 U.S. 731 (1969) that the police do not have to be honest with you during their interrogation.

In cases involving sex crimes and property crimes, the police sometimes don’t have any physical evidence of a crime and they are looking for an admission of guilt from you to do their job!

Seeing Through Cheap Police Tactics

A frequent tactic employed by a police detective is to offer you the opportunity to submit to a polygraph, or lie detector examination in order to prove your innocence—which embodies the exact opposite of our criminal justice system of innocent until proven guilty!

Polygraphs are notoriously unreliable, which is the reason that polygraph results are not admissible evidence during criminal trials. The examiner administering the polygraph is a person skilled at catching you in a lie, and I have personally seen cases where innocent people fail this test, just because they are nervous.

Let Us Look Out for Your Best Interests

It is important to remember that you have certain constitutional rights that you can exercise during a criminal investigation. It goes without saying that anything you say to a police officer, or child protective services, can later be used against you. However, in certain limited circumstances, and under the advisement of a criminal defense attorney, you may want to discuss an alleged case with the police.

It is absolutely imperative that before returning that phone call to a police detective that you speak with a savvy San Antonio criminal defense attorney like Roberto Ambrosino. Unlike some criminal defense attorneys, Roberto Ambrosino will represent citizens during the investigative stage of a criminal case, without trying to charge you for representation in a criminal court case that may never happen if the investigation is handled correctly.

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    I contacted Mr. Ambrosino about an issue we were having about two months ago. He was very responsive and always easy to communicate with. If ever I had a question during the process, he was quick to respond with an answer. He was kind enough to even email me while on vacation with his own family which showed he truly cares about his clients. Mr. Ambrosino took the time to educate me on the current laws and the court process. He sent me all the court filings and paperwork for my own files and always kept me up to date. In the end we received the outcome we were hoping for and I attribute that to Mr. Ambrosino’s hard work and knowledge. I would highly recommend him if ever you need an attorney. Thank you for your help Mr. Ambrosino.
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    Rob was incredibly helpful with my case needs, and provided the exact outcome I was hoping for. He was professional and attentive throughout the entire process. Rob was very quick and timely with all of the efforts and actions. He kept me informed and updated about every aspect of the proceedings. I highly recommend Rob for his fantastic work. Besides his professional work, he was patient, understanding, and sensitive to my situation. His great reputation is very well deserved.
    - A M.
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    Wouldn't have had anyone else by my side. Amazing lawyer, my first experience having a lawyer and he made it worth it. Doesn't charge a lot and his work is accurate and promising! Thanks again.
    - Cass T.
  • “Mr. Roberto Ambrosino is an amazing lawyer!!!”
    Mr. Roberto Ambrosino is an amazing lawyer!!! I can not speak highly enough he is quick, efficient, and professional! I did everything online, through mail, and the phone. He kept in touch about every aspect of my case. After I sent documents and made a payment he approached the judge soon after and my case was closed. I am extremely pleased with his services. I highly recommend him. Now a few years later I reached out to him again regarding obtaining documents and again he is very communicative and on top of everything. I am a very satisfied customer.
    - Kasia S.
  • “If anything should arise in the future I will definitely be back to see him!!”
    Mr. Ambrosino is Amazing he answered calls at any time I had a question! Very informative with me about my case, even though I was very doubtful he continued to brighten my spirits and with all his hard work and continued push threw he got my case dismissed. If anything should arise in the future I will definitely be back to see him!!
    - Amanda S.
  • “Mr. Ambrosino is a true professional. He truly delivers on his word.”
    Mr. Ambrosino is a true professional. He truly delivers on his word. When the prosecutor pushed back to prevent my acceptance into the PreTrial Diversions Program, Mr. Ambrosino fought back and earned my acceptance into PTD. Once I am done with PTD, he will be expunging my charge so that my record is clean for graduate school. Thank you Mr. Ambrosino.
    - Jesse B.
  • “Great attorney if you find yourself needing one.”
    Great experience. Very professional, fast with getting back to you with your questions. Great attorney if you find yourself needing one.
    - Alfonso C.
  • “He was able to get my case dismissed when all other lawyers told me that it would be impossible.”
    Mr. Ambrosino is an amazing lawyer. He is very matter of fact and to the point. He was able to get my case dismissed when all other lawyers told me that it would be impossible. I never felt like he gave me the run around with my case. He was always available to answer any questions I had. I would definitely hire him again.
    - Lucy V.