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The state of Texas is harsh, even with possession of substances such as prescription pills and marijuana - substances that are treated with some leniency in many other states. For more dangerous substances, especially heroin, the state of Texas is even more uncompromising.

Potential Penalties for Heroin Possession

Unlike marijuana or prescription pills, possession of even a very small amount of heroin necessitates a felony charge; there is not a possession of heroin charge that merits a misdemeanor. With felonies comes a wide range of severe penalties.

Texas will have different sentencing for different amounts of heroin:

  • Possession of less than one gram: A State Jail Felony, up to 180 days in State Jail
  • Any amount in excess of a gram ranges in punishment from two years up to life in prison

The weight used to determine the criminal charge also takes into account any adulterants, such as baking soda that may be included in the contraband, so purity has little effect on the charge. A felony drug conviction is serious business; it can affect your right to vote, own a handgun, financial aid for college, and other government benefits.

The Importance of Powerful San Antonio Drug Defense

The police are often overly aggressive in attempting to search your person and vehicle for drugs. Law enforcement often uses drug-sniffing dogs to alert to drugs in your vehicle, which the United States Supreme Court has said is a constitutional tactic. Deals are often made in other criminal prosecutions for information leading to the arrest of other individuals alleged to be committing illicit activity involving drugs. You probably aren't aware of what you are up against, and you need a San Antonio criminal defense attorney schooled in these tactics.

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