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If you are charged with possession of drugs, you could be facing hefty penalties. It is imperative that you take immediate action in order to ensure your rights, freedom. and future are properly protected by an extensively experienced legal professional. Do not sit back and wait for your charges to blow over. I know how to defend your rights.

Common Substances to Yield Conviction

Possession of small amounts of any drug other than marijuana or another person's prescription pills is usually considered a felony.

Among the most common of these substances are:

  • Cocaine
  • Oxycodone
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • Large amounts of prescription pills

Depending on the amount that is found in your possession, you could face anywhere from a 2 year jail sentence to first degree felony charges that can carry up to 99 years in prison. A drug conviction can also have ramifications outside the courtroom, such as affecting your ability to receive federal financial aid for college and maintain a driver's license.

Your Options When Accused of Possession

It is possible that for a first-time drug offense you may be a candidate for mandatory probation rather than jail time. Depending on the county that you were charged in, there may be diversion programs or drug court programs. If you have been arrested and accused of drug possession and this is your first, second or third offense, understanding the different actions that could or have been taken against you is important.

Most legal battles involving drug cases involve the legality of a traffic stop leading to the discovery of the drugs. It is important you contact a skilled criminal defense attorney in San Antonio to help find the best possible action for you to take.

The Criminal System Reacts Harshly to These Crimes

Where the criminal justice system considers most drug users to be weak individuals that have succumbed to addiction, the courts and the community view drug dealers very differently. In some areas in and around San Antonio, a drug dealer can be sentenced up to 99 years in prison for a first offense, for the purposes of deterring others from dealing drugs.

Don't be made an example of. Contact the Law Office of Roberto Ambrosino, PLLC for a free consultation. I have nearly 10 years of experience in this area of criminal defense and know what it takes to protect my clients.

Drug Crimes


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